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If customers do not pickup makeup brushes they ordered

Published Time:Tuesday on Jan 18 2022 10:35:00 Source:未知 Read:

Just like other makeup brush factories, our payment terms is also 50% prepayment and 50% before shipment. After getting the 50% prepayment, we will order material and start mass production, then notify customers once the production is finished. Many customers will arrange the pickup or shipment after getting our notice. However, although it is seldom, due to some reasons, some customers do not arrange shipment in time, or just give up the shipment and leave the makeup brushes in our stock.

Usually, we will not keep makeup brushes for customers in our inventory, as we have fully paid for the material and afforded all related production cost, if in our inventory, we will not have enough funds to keep our normal production. However, some customers really meet difficult situations and are not able to pay the balance in time, in this case, to support customers, we can keep the brushes for no more than 1 month. We cannot always keep the brushes, after one month, we have to handle these brushes in our own way.

Some customers just do not want the makeup brushes they have ordered. Although they have paid 50% prepayment, due to some reason, they just give up and do not want the brushes any more, so they will not pay the balance. It is really a great loss to both customers and the makeup brush manufacturer. But we have no way, and have to sell the makeup brushes by ourselves. Although they are private labeled makeup brushes, we have our own platform to sell them to cover our loss.

Therefore, before customizing makeup brushes from the makeup brush factory, customers should fully evaluate the target market and own financial status, in case of big loss to both customers and manufacturers.

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