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matte color or shiny color for makeup brush

Published Time:Thursday on Mar 25 2021 09:53:27 Source:未知 Read:

Color choice is one of the most important issue during custom makeup brushes OEM. Customers can choose hair/ferrule/handle colors through  and tell the makeup brush factory of the Pantone color code.

However, for ferrules and handles, the surface process is also very important. As the surface process makes the color to be shiny or matte. For example, although customers require black handle, the black handle can be shiny black, matte black, 30% shiny,100% shiny.... If customers are not sure about the exact surface process, it is the best to send physical samples of the makeup brushes they want to the makeup brush factory for exact copy.

Many customers prefer matte color due to the elegant feeling. Not like shiny color which shows youth, enthusiasm and vigour, matte color reveals mature, noble and elegant. Therefore, many professional makeup artists choose makeup brushes with matte colors on ferrules and handles.

But customers should note that matte color is more easier to be polluted and scratched. Daily touch can make the matte handles dirty, and after some period, the matte color may become shiner due to oil/water on hands/fingers. It is not quality problem but the feature of matte color. Customers who care such issue should carefully choose matte or shinny color for their brushes.

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