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How to distinguish Sigma brush fakes and Genuine Origin

Published Time:Tuesday on Feb 23 2021 07:38:51 Source:未知 Read:

With the popularity of Sigma makeup brushes in China, more and more fakes appear in Chinese market. Even if some suppliers declare that they directly buy the makeup brushes from Sigma, no one can ensure these brushes are really Genuine Origin. Sometimes, users may buy fakes with the same price as authentic.

Here we would like to introduce some hints to distinguish authentic and fakes of Sigma makeup brushes:

1.Material: although Sigma brushes are not so perfect as MAC brushes, the hair material used on their makeup brushes are very good. For example, the goat hair used on Sigma brush is ZGF goat hair which is very soft and comfortable. If the makeup brushes you bought are with inferior hairs, that might be fakes;
2.Style: to prevent fakes, Sigma frequently changes their brush style. For example, the makeup brushes with old version are with dark painting, while the new brushes are with shinning painting on the brush handles. If you recently buy some Sigma brushes with old design, that should be fakes;
3.Logo and printing: now, Sigma also engrave their logo on the copper ferrule of their makeup brushes; also since all sigma brushes are made in China, besides the brush name and number, all their brushes handles are engraved letters: Made in P.R.C. If you can not find Made in P.R.C in your sigma brushes, or can not find Sigma logo in your brushes with copper ferrule. These brushes you bought must be fakes.

The above are just some hints to distinguish fakes and authentic of sigma brushes. However, few users are so professional in this, therefore, to ensure that you can buy Genuine Origin, it is best to buy from Sigma official website.

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