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If not satisfied with makeup brush samples

Published Time:Thursday on Feb 25 2021 08:29:02 Source:未知 Read:

Sample evaluation/checking is an essential step during custom makeup brushes. By sample evaluation, customers can check if the makeup brush manufacturers can meet their quality requirement, and if the brush is exactly what they need.

Some customers would like to place order first and then require the makeup brush factory to send pre-production samples for confirmation before mass production. In this case, the makeup brush factory will not charge sample fee. If customers are not satisfied with the samples, as a professional makeup brush manufacturer, we will produce new samples until customers are satisfied with everything, and will afford all related fee and shipping charge by ourselves. It is our responsibility to offer satisfied samples to customers before mass production.

While some customers prefer ordering samples first, and will not place orders until they get satisfied samples. So they firstly pay USD100 for example as sample fee. If they are not satisfied with the samples due to the color, quality, logo etc, they may be not willing to move forward. To keep customers, we will offer customers a proposal that we make new samples till their satisfaction and afford all related cost including shipping charge.

In fact, few customers will be 100% satisfied with first initial brush samples, as there may be misunderstanding between customers and factories on the exact requirements, especially for new OEM makeup brush styles. It is usual that the first samples are not perfect.Customers should firstly contact the makeup brush factory to point out related problems, and then require the factory to offer new samples.

Please do not hastily give up once getting unsatisfied samples, after all, customers have paid money for samples, it is a pity to give up or transfer to another factory at this very beginning. Please communicate with our sales department once you are not satisfied with our samples, we will do everything we can do to offer you satisfied samples.

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