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How to get gathered makeup brush heads

Published Time:Sunday on Feb 21 2021 08:59:23 Source:未知 Read:

During makeup brush production, brush head is the most important part, as it directly decides the makeup effect. So customers and users concern most on the brush shape.

For some precise makeup brushes, brush heads must be very gathered. But due to hair characteristics especially natural hairs which originally are fluffy, it is really hard to get required gathered shape just through the workers craft.

Usually, makeup brush manufacturers will use following process to get more gathered brush heads:
1. The most common and easiest way is to put the brushes into brush guard after finished, and after certain period, the brush head will become gathered.
2. Use food degree sodium alginate glue to gather the bristles, such glue is food degree and no harm to human skins, and after dried, it will become powders, we just need to whisk the hairs to remove the powders.
3. If the above ways still cannot reached required gathered effect, we can vertically dip the brush head into boiled water for about 10 seconds. Please note that only brush heads into the boiled water, no ferrule or handle. And please ensure all hairs are soaked. After boiled, the hairs will become more gathered due to shrink. Such shrink will not affect the hair texture or softness. Then take out of the brush heads from water and do some shaping by hands, and air-dry the brushes. Of course, if put into brush guard, that will be better.

Although makeup brush production is handmade, to get satisfied shape and effect, it is really a complex process. All makeup brush workers are craftsman!

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