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How to distinguish latex and non-latex beauty blender

Published Time:Saturday on Feb 20 2021 10:01:44 Source:未知 Read:

In our previous article of the production process of beauty blender, we showed the production process of non-latex beauty blender.

It is known that latex sponge has short lifetime, the chipping always fall off, also may cause allergy to our skin. So it is not a good choice for most users. Therefore, non-latex sponge is born at the right moment.

non-latex sponge does not contain latex, so no harm to human body/skin; it includes VE which is good for our skin; no chipping fall off; no smell,eco-friendly etc.
Today, we would like to show you how to check if the sponge is made of latex or non-latex.

In fact, only one method,soak the sponge into water, and see if it will become bigger. If bigger, it is non-latex sponge, if not, it is latex.