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How to remove goat hair smell

Published Time:Monday on Feb 22 2021 07:55:38 Source:未知 Read:

It is known that goats have mutton smell, so goat hair will contain such mutton smell. Although makeup brush factories have try to minimize such smell during sterilization and dyeing, it is hard to completely get rid of such smell. Especially for the makeup brushes with white goat hair- the original goat hair color, without dyeing process , the smell will be heavier than dyed hairs.Usually, colored goat hairs have lighter smell than white hairs.
Although we will try our best to minimize the smell, it will more or less have some smell left. The following is the ways for consumers to remove goat hair smell from your side:

  1. Wash the brush head with shampoo and then air-dry it. Water can get rid of some smell, and dry it by air can also remove some smell. DO NOT DRY IT UNDER SUN.
  2. If you do not want to wash the brush, or the brush still have smell after washing, put the brush in ventilation place for some period, such as 3-7 days. The airflow will help to remove the smell. Usually, after 7 days, the smell will be removed.
  3. If users do not care such smell too much and can not wait to use the brush, you can also directly use the brushes, the smell will gradually disappear after certain period. Also the fragrance of the powders will gradually cover the goat hair smell.
All animal hairs will contain some smell, it is not quality problem, but we will try our best to remove the smell during our production.
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