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Makeup brush lead time in November

Published Time:Saturday on Oct 30 2021 09:40:58 Source:未知 Read:

Since it has been November, many customers begin to finalize the orders after long-term discussion and confirmation, and hope to get makeup brushes before the Christmas Holiday. Therefore,orders pour into the makeup brush manufacturers, but the normal lead time of makeup brushes is at least 30 days after confirming pre-production samples. So, if customers can not confirm the samples before Nov 15th, it is hard to get makeup brushes before Christmas Holiday.

Some customers are really urgently in need of the brushes for holiday promotion, they even hope to pay extra fee to expedite the production of their brushes, while it is hard to expedite too much.

Some customers wonder our production capacity, and after knowing our production capacity is over 3 million pieces per month, they are really puzzled about why we need so many days to produce their orders.

In fact, although the lead time is 30-45 days, the real makeup brush production time may be  just about 7 days. The material supplier also need time to produce or prepare materials. Usually, most makeup brush manufacturers do not stock any material. As makeup brush production is special, 99% customers will custom makeup brushes with their own design and style, it is risky for the makeup brush factory to store a certain type of material. If no customer needs makeup brushes with such material, the makeup brush factory has to afford such lost by themselves.

That is why our production capacity is over 3 million pieces per month but we need about 30 days to fulfill a 5000pcs order. We need to firstly order material from our supplier, wait for their production finished and delivered to us. If any problem happened during supplier’s production or our brush production, the lead time will be even longer.

Therefore, if customers need to get brushes before Christmas Holiday, it is best to place order on October, so that we can send samples on early November, and start mass production after getting confirmation of samples. That will leave some time to the makeup brush manufacturer in case of any problem happen during production.