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Are natural hair brushes really Cruelty-free?

Published Time:Thursday on Oct 21 2021 12:08:37 Source:未知 Read:

As an important makeup tools for many users, makeup brushes have many brands, types and materials. While the two major categories are: synthetic hair brushes and natural animal hair brushes.

First of all, what is a cruelty-free makeup brush? A makeup brush manufacturer may declare that their natural-hair brushes are also 100% cruelty-free, no animal is harmed in the manufacturing process.

It is really doubtful, not mean that the makeup brush manufacturer is lying or dishonest, but in fact, most makeup brush manufacturers do not handle the hairs in house, but order from the hair suppliers, so they do NOT know how the animals are treated.

Actually, even if animals are well-cared during the manufacturing process, it’s still not totally cruelty-free, because the animals are kept and maintained for the purpose of using their hair to make brushes. That is why no Chinese makeup brush factory can offer cruelty-free certificate, no official institute have the authority to issue such cruelty-free certificate.

This brings us to synthetic makeup brushes, the truly, 100 percent cruelty-free makeup brushes. Synthetic brushes use synthetic fibers and do not contain any animal hair and are vegan and eco-friendly. Synthetic bristles are also hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. Also, the cost is much cheaper.

Now, there are still so many users who are crazy for natural hair makeup brushes, and many makeup artists suggest natural hair brushes due to the superior quality. But with the development and mature of technology, some synthetic hairs like BASF and MCF can replace natural hair.

As a reliable makeup brush factory to custom makeup brushes, we can manufacture both natural hair brushes and synthetic brushes, and we are eager to getting more and more orders from worldwide customers and users , however, we prefer every customers to choose synthetic brushes other than natural hair brushes, so that we can protect more and more animals.