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German and Japanese makeup brush manufacturers

Published Time:Wednesday on Oct 20 2021 10:47:17 Source:未知 Read:

Although many Chinese makeup brush manufacturers do not agree , we are indeed fall behind German and Japanese makeup brush manufacturers in quality. Japanese and German are excellent nationalities, they always require perfect goods and never allow “almost good” products. While most Chinese makeup brush companies often say “almost” during working and manufacturing.

The German and Japanese cannot understand what does “almost” mean, and strongly dislike the word. That is the most important reason that some customers prefer to buy makeup brushes from them despite of their extremely high price. Their makeup brushes can make customers relax on quality. Therefore, Chinese makeup brush manufacturers may need longer period to gain TRUST from customers than Japanese and German manufacturers.

Why Chinese makeup brush factories not try best to manufacture the best makeup brushes? We have no such ability or craft? No, the main reason is cost control, to produce a perfect makeup brush, it requires much longer time which causes higher labor cost; also, strict quality control cause high rejection rate, which also increase the whole cost.

We know it is better to learn from German and Japanese makeup brush manufactures, “almost” good makeup brushes are equal to imperfect. But few customers can accept so high price, that is why most German and Japanese factories has disappeared, or move their production lines to China, even if the headquarters are still in Japan or Germany, the makeup brushes are actually produced in Chinese factories.

Of course, they will not produce makeup brushes in Zhejiang province, which means bad quality and will must ruin their fames. The highest quality makeup brushes are almost from Cangzhou in Hebei province. Some makeup brush manufacturers in Cangzhou follow the Germany and Japanese production process and quality control process, so their quality level is the highest, of course, also with the highest price. But it is much lower than German and Japanese manufacturers, so become affordable for some top brands.