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Sabeline & Red Sable Brushes

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Red Sable Brushes

Often called Red Sable because of its reddish-brown color, brushes made of Red sable hair make for practical oil painting brushes. This soft brush hair comes from the tail of the Asiatic weasel, a type of marten. Golden red in color, the hairs are not as fine or springy as kolinsky sable and are only half as expensive. The finest brushes get damaged quickly in the solvent and chemicals used in oils, so the cost-to-quality savings is a nice benefit for using Red Sable brushes.

Offering snap and resiliency, they handle oil or acrylic beautifully. They can cost up to 40% less than a Kolinsky brush of the same size, while it still retains some or most of the desirable traits of a more expensive brush. It is very important to be able to distinguish between Red Sable Brush and Kolinksy Brush. Sometimes brushes made of Red Sable are passed off as Kolinsky brushes, which carry a much higher price tag.

Sabeline Brushes

"Sabeline" is hair designed to resemble red sable. Sabeline brushes are made of light ox hair taken from the ears of oxen and then dyed to a reddish tint to resemble red sable. The hair is cylindrical in shape and has a blunt tip but has spring similar to sable. Sabeline is most commonly found in watercolor, stroke and lettering brushes. A good Sabeline brush carries a lot of fluid and becomes springy and soft.

Sabeline brushes are less expensive than red sables and maintain similar characteristics. There are many trademarked brush labels with variations of "Sable" in the name. The actual fibers used can be synthetic or natural hair, or blends. Sableine is a natural hair which many painters prefer for its softness. This brush is superbly crafted for a flat, straight edge and square corners.

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