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Squirrel Hair & Pony Hair Brushes

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Squirrel Hair Makeup Brushes

Most squirrel hair for makeup brushes comes from Canada and Russia. There are three main types of Squirrel hair: Talahoutky is brown in color and used mainly for sign brushes; Kazan is brown-black and mainly used in brushes for watercolor, wash brushes, and watercolor mops; Sacamena is blue-black, the softest of all the Squirrel hair, and is used for making some of the best watercolor brushes. This soft, absorbent hair points well when wet, but has little spring. Squirrel hair brush has good elasticity and is ideal for washes, letting and makeup.

Squirrel hair brushes are very similar to Kolinsky brushes; they point very well and have thick "bodies" to hold paint, but they lack the "snap" or springiness of a Kolinsky. This lack of "snap" makes them almost totally useless when painting with thick paints. Often squirrel hair is used in the production of "camel hair" brushes and many other brushes made from mixtures of hair.

 Pony Hair Makeup Brushes
Pony hair comes from the mane of young horses and are very fine and soft. These are the typical hair used in the traditional Makeup Eye Brushes. The very finest pony hair comes from the belly of the animal and is often blended with other hairs for less expensive watercolor and touch-up brushes. Natural tips are used in better brushes and the rest of the hair is cut into lengths and used in cheaper makeup brushes. It is strong, slightly coarse, resilient and with the exception of sheep hair, is the most absorbent.
Pony hair is popular in Oriental watercolor and calligraphy brush making because it can get so long. It does not have the ability to stay together when wet, so it is often partially starched or covered with an outside layer of sheep hair. Each hair contains numerous pockets that trap water and color, making them especially suitable for Sumi painting. Pony hair doesn’t hold its shape well, nor does it point. It is used as a filler to reduce the price of a brush. Horse or pony hair is most commonly used in inexpensive school grade brushes or makeup brushes.

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