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Customs declaration of makeup brushes

Published Time:Tuesday on Jan 18 2022 10:36:20 Source:未知 Read:

For international shipments, Exporters' customs declaration and Importers' customs clearance are essential. Although different countries have different regulations on the same products, the main elements are universal.

As a professional makeup brush manufacturer and exporter, we would like to introduce something about the customs declaration of makeup brushes :

The HS code of makeup brush: 9603290090 in China;
The article description is: Shaving brushes, hair brushes, nail brushes, eyelash brushes and other toilet brushes for use on the person,including such brushes constituting parts of appliances of subheading No.96032000; 
the exact HS code may be different in different countries, but 9603 article is universal for makeup brushes;

The declaration elements of makeup brush
According to Chinese customs, the declaration elements of makeup brush should include the following:
1. Product name: Makeup brushes
2. Brand type: No brand; chinese brand, OEM brand etc
Export benefits: if the importer has tariffs benefits for the shipment
4. Usage: For makeup
5. Material: Goat/pony/synthetic hair, aluminum/copper ferrule, wooden/plastic handle
7. Other: Wild Animal products or not etc

Supervision Provisions: NA
That means there is no need to do the commodity inspection before shipment

Although we are very familiar to the Chinese customs regulation, we are not sure about the regulations in customers’ location, so before custom makeup brushes OEM from makeup brush manufacturers, customers should check their local customs regulations on the makeup brushes in case of any shipment hold during their customs clearance.

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