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Popular Makeup Tools

Published Time:Saturday on Mar 27 2021 11:01:30 Source:未知 Read:

To reach a perfect make-up, makeup brushes are far away from enough, although makeup brushes are the main makeup tools. A full set of makeup tools should include not only makeup brushes but also other tools as following:

1. Sponge: To wash our faces, or to apply foundation/powders. Although we have foundation brushes and powder brushes, some prefer sponge. The sponges can be in different shape like round, triangle, cylindrical and so on.

2. Eyebrow shaver: to remove large area brow hairs, quick and no pain;

3. Eyebrow tweezers: to pluck extra brow hairs and keep the eyebrow shape for longer time.

4. Eyebrow scissors: to cut too long brow hairs;

5. Eyebrow shaper: to comb brow hairs;

6. Eyebrow pencil: to improve the eyebrow shape

7. Eyelash curler: to make the eyelash more curl

8. Phony eyelashes

9. Eyeshadow applicator: to apply eyeshadow on small area;

10. Cotton tip: to remedy imperfect makeup

11. Tissue paper

12. Makeup bag and case

13. Other tools the users may like

Although we are a makeup brush manufacturer who only manufacture makeup brushes, if customers would like to buy other tools, we can source for customers in China without any commission or profit. So please feel free to contact us if you need any makeup tools.