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How to compare makeup brush price from different manufacturers

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For most customers,it is not the first time to buy makeup brushes from Chinese makeup brush manufacturers. A few customers have been in this field for many years, and have cooperated with worldwide makeup brush factories for many years. They are so professional that can roughly estimate the brush price by themselves.

The customers who just step into makeup brush industry will also send their inquiries to various manufacturers to compare price and try to find the best supplier.

We understand that customers need to compare price from different suppliers to have a rough idea on the makeup brush price. However, such compare should be for the same brush and in the same period.

How to compare makeup brush price from different manufacturers?
1. Send same benchmark or physical brush sample to different brush manufacturers: as benchmark and physical sample is the best to show exact requirements on material and quality. All manufacturers will have the same understanding on benchmark, so the price they quote should be accurate. If with the same description or drawings, different manufacturers may have different understanding on quality level, so the price they quote will be not accurate, some manufacturers may quote low quality to attract customers. In this case, it is meaningless to compare price.
2. Get quotation in same period:  It will be the best if the time span can be shorter than one month. That is, customers send same benchmark to many suppliers, and get all quotation within one month. If the time span is too long, the price compare is also meaningless, as many factors will affect the price. material cost, labor cost , exchange fluctuations etc. For example, in Jan, the USD:RMB currency rate is 7.2, while in August, it becomes 6.5, such fluctuations greatly affect the price. So even with the same benchmark, if quote at different period, the price will be different.
3. If possible, send quotation to different big makeup brush factories and compare their price. Small workshops have lower production cost, so they may quote lower price, but they have not quality control process and cannot ensure brush quality. After the brushes are shipped to customers, if any quality problem, they have no ability to solve the problem.

In fact, the makeup brush cost is quite open and transparent, almost no difference between big factories. It is somewhat no necessary to compare price, as all makeup brush factories will try best to gain each order as long as they can have some margins.

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