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Custom makeup brushes with EMF fibers-Embossed Makeup Filaments

Published Time:Thursday on Jan 06 2022 10:17:12 Source:未知 Read:

Some customers want to custom makeup brushes with MCF fiber since it is the best synthetic fiber in current market. However, many of them are stopped by the extremely high price. To break the deadlock , as a professional makeup brush manufacturer and with the support of our long-term suppliers, we have successfully developed  EMF (Embossed Makeup Filaments) fiber which is a alternative of MCF fiber, but with lower price.

EMF adopts a new  bas-relief process and the surface has a unique embossed structure, which makes the makeup brush have excellent ability to capture and release powders.

The advantages of EMF :

· The unique surface embossing structure makes it easier to grab powders.

· The surface of the filament is uniformly distributed with the embossed protruding structure , so the release property is better.

· New production processes, streamlined production processes and reduced cost.

· The convex portion has a large span to achieve good tension, so that the powder liquid is uniformly adsorbed.

· The convex portion is evenly distributed, and when the filament is bent,the stress is relatively dispersed and the elasticity is good.

· It is not easy to break without sharp section, and has no tingling feeling.


EMF VS ordinary fiber:


.The surface of EMF is an embossed  structure,and a groove uniformly distributed between the protruding positions which is very helpful for adsorbing the cosmetic powder.

.The surface structure of ordinary fiber is smooth,the adsorption is weak, and the powder-absorbing property is poor,so more powder are fall off.


Powder absorption & release 


Ordinary Fiber



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