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Custom makeup brushes VS existing makeup brushes

Published Time:Tuesday on Jun 08 2021 09:49:59 Source:未知 Read:

Many customers have no clear idea on makeup brush ordering, and do not know which one is better: custom makeup brush or order existing brush from the makeup brush manufacturers.

In fact, most customers are customizing makeup brushes even if they use the same size/material/color/craft as the brushes from makeup brush manufacturers, as customers always require private label on makeup brushes. If existing brushes, nothing should be changed, the logo should be the makeup brush factory. 

Most Chinese makeup brush manufacturers specialize in custom makeup brushes; we produce brushes according to customers’ requirements on size, material, quality, color, packaging etc. Not like other standard parts, we usually have no fixed existing brushes. For an existing part, the size/material/color/craft should be fixed; if anything changed, the item number should be different. While for makeup brush, the size/material/color/craft etc is so diverse and different customers have different preference, so it is hard to give a fixed item number.

Also, for makeup brush sets, if the brush quantity and type contained in a set changed, it should be a different brush set. Therefore, it is hard to fix any brush or brush set as the existing brushes. That is why many makeup brush manufacturers say that they have no certain existing brushes when the customers want to check the existing brushes. We will only show customers some brushes or brush sets we are producing or have produced for customers’ reference; if customers like them, we will send the samples for customers’ confirmation upon request.

Therefore, if you want to have private label makeup brushes, you should input “custom makeup brushes” in the search engine. During communication with the makeup brush suppliers, you should also let them know such information.