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above & beyond partners with Sulapac for eco-safe and refillable packaging

Published Time:Wednesday on Mar 02 2022 11:10:31 Source:未知 Read:

Lip balms are some of the most used and most frequently lost personal cosmetics items. Difficult to recycle, empty plastic containers end up in mixed waste and landfills. To solve this dilemma, lip balm brand above & beyond has chosen Sulapac’s bio-based and sustainably sourced material for its lip balm cases. The material is made from wood from industrial side streams and plant-based binders, it is industrially compostable and also biodegrades without leaving permanent microplastics behind. Additionally, the lip balms are protected by lifetime-use refillable aluminium cases.

“Our single-use mentality with daily products is killing the planet. Unless we all want to move to Mars with Elon Musk, we will need to treat the Earth much better. I’ve always tried to a adopt a startup mentality within the companies that I’ve worked with and now I’m lucky enough to have found a group of like-minded individuals to take this to the next level with above & beyond,” says Bryn Walbrook, co-founder of above & beyond and former planner at creative marketing agencies Saatchi & Saatchi and MullenLowe.

above & beyond’s customers can sign up for a subscription to refill their lip balm. The refill pods are also made of Sulapac’s material. The cases have a QR code that takes the customer directly to above & beyond’s website to manage the subscription and order refills.

“It is inspiring to see our clients take our material and adapt it so well to their custom packaging in their broader efforts to fight the plastic waste crisis and overconsumption of our planet’s resources. In the development phase, we had to overcome quite a few challenges to find the perfect combination of the material and the packaging design. While most of our clients choose ready-made solutions made of Sulapac, above & beyond is a great showcase of just how flexible our material can be,” says Dr. Suvi Haimi, CEO and Co-founder of Sulapac.

Sulapac has also collaborated on packaging with brands such as Chanel, Haeckels, Green People, Stop The Water While Using Me, Maar, Akane, Santaverde, I+M - among others.