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French women are massively opting for organic and natural beauty products

Published Time:Tuesday on Mar 01 2022 12:48:39 Source:未知 Read:

Women around the globe did not wait for the pandemic to introduce organic or natural cosmetics into their beauty routine, but it is clear that the health crisis has accelerated this transition. A new study reveals that almost all French women aged 18-50 have tested this product category, whether to preserve their health or to protect the planet. Most purchases are made in mass-market retails.

French women are increasingly reliant in organic and natural cosmetics, which seem to reassure them. The Slow Cosmétique Label, in partnership with market research firm Harris Interactive, takes stock of the situation and the result clearly shows the success of natural formulations with female consumers aged 18 to 50.

Thus, more than nine out of ten French women (92%) buy natural or organic cosmetics at least once a year, and nearly six out of ten opt for these products at least once every 3 months.

Health is the main purchase motivation
The study also shows that environmental concerns are not what motivates French women to buy organic or natural cosmetics, at least in the first place. Indeed, nearly half of respondents (47%) say their personal health is the main reason for purchasing these cosmetics, protecting the environment comes second but is mentioned by 17% of women only.

Furthermore, if the pandemic has boosted sales in local retail and boosted the interest in locally made products, it seems that this is not (yet) the case in the beauty sector. Only 8% of respondents say that local production and/or made in France labels are a source of motivation for purchasing cosmetic products. This might be explained by the strong position of the French industry in this business. French made products brands are therefore widely available on shelves, a notable difference compared to many other market segments.

Supermarkets drive sales
The study also reveals that French women prefer supermarkets rather than specialized shops to purchase organic or natural cosmetics. When asked where they buy organic and natural products, 76% of French women mention large and medium-sized retails, then pharmacies and para-pharmacies (41%), e-commerce (25%), and finally specialized organic stores (17%).

Slow Cosmetics
Beyond organic and natural, the Slow Cosmetique seal also seems to interest French women. Created by French-based Slow Cosmétique Association, the seal is awarded to brands that promote responsible natural skincare, with formulas that are free from controversial ingredients in terms of health or environmental impact, and which are also committed to developing equally healthy marketing, without greenwashing or outlandish promises. Eight out of ten French women said such a seal is interesting and 92% believe it helps the beauty industry to move in the right direction. For nearly nine out of ten women (88%), it increases their confidence in the product. To date, 313 brands have been awarded the Slow Cosmétique seal.