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Vegan makeup pencils for all skin shades by Faber-Castell Cosmetics

Published Time:Tuesday on Feb 22 2022 10:13:15 Source:未知 Read:

The German manufacturer is launching a new collection of cosmetic pencils. Dubbed “Simplicity” the new line was designed to suit the needs of all skin shades, with no compromise on performance, while achieving high naturality rates.

Faber-Castell Cosmetics new “Simplicity” collection was made keeping the diversity of people in mind, as well as the environmental challenges humankind is facing. With this new range, the company’s aim was to create a collection of vegan formulations made of sustainable ingredients that would match all different skin tones, with no compromise of performance, and meet current consumer’s expectations for more individualized and clean beauty products.

Lips and eyes
For the lips, the new collection features an impeccable-to-wear lipstick that combines the latest colour trends like ruby red or garnet with a new clean and minimalistic texture to provide a lightweight application and a soft-gloss effect. The matching lipliners contain a smart combination of different waxes to draw accurate, soft-gliding outlines.

The wooden concealer, is made with 99% ingredients of natural origin. It is available for different skin tones to complement users with a light, fair, medium or dark complexion.

As far as the eyes are concerned, the aim is to maximise the impact with a minimum effort and a maximum of natural ingredients. Faber-Castell Cosmetics therefore designed an eyeshadow stick with a skin-caring and protecting new formulation based on marula oil and rice bran wax. The eyeliner offers a new extremely resilient texture that lasts even up to 20 hours. Finally, a liquid eyeliner completes the concept featuring a natural new formula and a sustainable packaging using a PCR cap to contribute to an eco-friendly product.

Colours and skin care
For the collection, Faber-Castell Cosmetics has selected eye-catching and trendy colours including Rose Sapphire, Taupe Agate, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Ruby Red and Gartnet and combined them with a selection of natural ingredients chosen for their skin care benefits: sunflower seeds, candellila and carnauba wax, marula oil and bran wax, etc.

When possible, the use of PCR materials also helps to upgrade the sustainability credentials of the packaging.