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Clarins: The third generation takes over the business

Published Time:Thursday on Feb 17 2022 13:12:55 Source:未知 Read:

The French family-owned beauty company is entering a new phase in its history with a new corporate governance formalizing the handover of the business from the second to the third generation.

Virginie Courtin and her cousin Prisca Courtin, two of the founder’s granddaughters, thus take over the management of the group, alongside their elders and Jonathan Zrihen, President and CEO. Virginie Courtin is appointed Managing Director, while Prisca Courtin becomes Chairman of the Supervisory Board, which monitors the company’s strategic orientations.

“Clarins resolutely looks to the future, all while remaining true to the values that have enabled us to become a global and responsible player in the beauty industry and the premium skincare leader in Europe,” commented Jonathan Zrihen.

Founded in 1954 by Jacques Courtin, Clarins now generates revenues of 1.7 billion euros globally and claims Europe’s leading position in prestige skin care.

Olivier and Christian Courtin, the two sons of the founder, have strongly contributed to the development of the company. In charge of operational management for 40 years, Christian Courtin has “launched Clarins in 130 countries, enabling Clarins to export 93% of its products, which are all developed and manufactured in France,” said the group in statement.

Virginie Courtin is the daughter of Christian Courtin. Since 2018, Virginie Courtin has served as Deputy CEO, a member of Board of Directors, and head of the company’s CSR policy.

Prisca Courtin is the daughter of Olivier Courtin. Since 2018, Prisca Courtin serves as Deputy CEO of Famille C Venture, the investment firm belonging to the Courtin-Clarins family. In this position, she manages the diversification of the company’s investments. Thus, she supervised the recent acquisitions and equity investments made by Family C, in particular in February the acquisition of Azmerican clean beauty brand ILIA. She has also been a member of Clarins’ Supervisory Board since 2018.