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Merck launches new cosmetic ingredients inspired by superfoods

Published Time:Friday on Feb 11 2022 12:47:34 Source:未知 Read:

Merck has developed two new active ingredients extracted from nutrient-rich superfoods: the baobab fruit and the hibiscus flower, whose effects can also be used for the skin. The new RonaCare Baobab and RonaCare Hibisscus were specifically developed to actively promote a beautiful and youthful skin.

“The botanical extracts are ethically sourced, sustainable, and suitable for the use within a wide range of topical products, from daily skin care to dermocosmetics,” said the company.

RonaCare Baobab provides strong protection of skin matrix components, especially elastin and collagens and reduces skin irritation. RonaCare Hibiscus also minimizes skin irritation, supports the care of sensitive skin, shields from oxidative stress, protects collagens from degradation and increases skin cells’ vitality.

“Superfoods are well known for their numerous benefits and their success among consumers is now extending to skin care”, explained Wiebke Dondras, Head of Cosmetics Surface Solutions at Merck. “Our superfood extracts are specially formulated to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of the skin. These powerful ingredients are true assets for the skin and support well-being in a permanently changing environment.”

RonaCare Baobab and RonaCare Hibiscus are Halal certified, vegan and stem from 100% natural origin (ISO 16128 standard). They also comply with the requirements of the COSMOS-standard for organic and/or natural cosmetics.

The products fit into the range of botanical- and marine-derived cosmetic actives that Merck’s Surface Solutions business unit will launch in the next months.