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Makeup Brush Quality Control- UV Weathering Test

Published Time:Monday on Dec 27 2021 13:40:47 Source:未知 Read:

Long term exposure to sunlight can cause photo-degradation of many different materials. The non-visible UV radiation with short wavelengths are responsible for much of the photo-degradation, a process that initially results in breaking down the surface molecular structure.This frequently not only results in a deterioration of the physical properties such as colour change or flaking, but also affect mechanical properties such as tensile and wear resistance.

For makeup brushes,especially with wooden handle, the surface painting may become yellow or discolor after certain period. To ensure the durability of makeup brushes, the makeup brush manufacturer should do the UV Weathering Test on the handles before they enter into assembly workshop.

UV Weathering testing is a laboratory simulation of the damaging forces of weather for the purposes of predicting the relative durability of materials exposed to outdoor environments. Makeup brush handle samples are placed in the UV chamber. Rain and dew systems are simulated by pressurized spray and condensation systems while damaging effects of sunlight are simulated by fluorescent UV lamps. The exposure temperature is automatically controlled. Cyclical weather conditions can also be simulated. UV tester can reproduce the damage that occurs over months or years outdoors.

If there is any discolorations or yellowing on handles, the same batch handles need to be reworked till qualified.

Anyway, few makeup brushes  will be long -term exposed under sunlight,they are usually placed into the brush bag or drawer. So not all customers will require the makeup brush manufacturer to do UV Weathering Test. But to ensure the durability of makeup brushes, it will be better to do the test.

To OEM makeup brushes and custom makeup brushes, it is better to work with professional makeup brush manufacturers with standard production and QC process, which will greatly support your brand development and business increase.