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A.S. Watson brings Marionnaud to Mainland China

Published Time:Sunday on Dec 26 2021 11:15:12 Source:未知 Read:

China’s leading beauty retailer Watsons brings Marionnaud luxury beauty experience to Mainland China. The A.S. Watson Group’s beauty retail chain has already launched two Marionnaud x Watsons cross-over stores in Shanghai and Wuhan.

The third cross-over store recently opened in the Sunshine Paradise shopping mall in Xian.

The aim is to provide customers with a luxurious shopping experience including selected high-end beauty products.

Founded in France in 1972, Marionnaud is a leading luxury perfumes and cosmetics retailer in Europe. “Its mission is to take care of the needs of every woman so that they can express beauty in their own way,” said A.S. Watson in a statement.

“The new Marionnaud x Watsons store is not only designed to bring a wide range of high-end beauty brands and products from all over the world but also offer a fashionable experience-led space for beauty lovers to experience the high-quality colour cosmetics and fragrances,” the company adds.