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Cinquième Sens combines freedom and creativity

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Last November, Cinquième Sens organised the 5th edition of its Creative Week, an annual event created in 2017, which this year put freedom in the spotlight. A theme that could not be more topical after a year marked by lock-down periods. The opportunity for the training organisation to promote its creative talents to brands.

Like the collections of fashion houses, each year the Creative Week explores various themes (Green Week, African Week, Kitsch Week, Bright Week...). A way of keeping up with the times while prescribing future trends. This year, Cinquième Sens  gave its perfumers carte blanche to stage the concept of freedom using fragrances.

With this in mind, Sarah Burri, Camille Leguay, Alice Dattée, Veronika Rebeka Nagy and Isabelle Ferrand unleashed their imagination to focus on three creative themes: liberation, evolution and escapism.

With the notion of liberation, the idea was to harness the perfumer’s skills to give voice to silent flowers. These "forgotten" ingredients, which never appear on the perfume organ because their scent cannot be extracted using classical methods. Hence, Isabelle Ferrand imagined the fragrance reminiscent of a wheat flower: a powdery, vegetal, dusty scent, which she transcribed with transparent, abstract, honeyed floral notes to express the idea of light and sunshine, but also with iris, violet, cedar and sandalwood.

The second celebrates evolution, as a passage towards a new era. Veronika Rebeka Nagy wanted to release fougere from the men’s wardrobe and take it to more feminine or androgynous lands. Moving away from the fougere note’s classic lavender-coumarin structure, she emphasised geranium, vetiver and evernyl. Naturally, this gives the composition a very herbaceous dimension revolving around myrtle, with a coumalactone base note, a non-allergenic substitute for coumarin, but with a milkier roundness.

The last stage is escapism, to free ourselves from the notions of space-time and the laws of physics. Cumulus, for example, transports us to the sky, through a vaporous, airy, cottony fragrance, conjuring up those big clouds synonymous with warm weather. A mix of milky, powdery notes and an ozonic, almost cold side. The powdery, almost talcum powder accord emerges in the background, with this "clean" facet currently very trendy in perfumes.

In total, no less than nine perfumes, on the wide-ranging theme of freedom, were created for this event.

Cinquième Sens once again surrounded itself with partners to stage its Creative Week. This year, Jérémy Tamen, a tea expert, concocted a bespoke infusion for the event. A combination of natural, zesty and herbaceous notes, translating his vision of freedom: that of a walk around the Mediterranean.

The team also worked with Les Parfumables, which presented new olfactory substrates in the form of a container made from a 100% biodegradable wood-based alternative to plastic, produced by the Finnish company Sulapac.

An annual event, which confirmed that Cinquième Sens masters both the art of creation and the expertise of training.