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Makeup Brush Quality Control- Temperature And Humidity Test On Handle And Glue

Published Time:Friday on Dec 24 2021 10:40:08 Source:未知 Read:

Thanks to globalization, consumers can buy makeup brushes from worldwide makeup brush suppliers. The makeup brushes originally from Chinese makeup brush manufacturers can be sold to Africa and Europe where have big environment difference with China. Therefore, some makeup brushes may be qualified at the factory site, but when reach European consumers, the handle painting may be cracked under cold circumstance; when reach Africa consumers, the ferrule may be apart from handle due to the glue melt under hot temperature.

To ensure the durability of makeup brushes at different circumstances,makeup brush manufacturers should do Constant Temperature and Humidity Test before shipping.

Whether intended for indoor or outdoor use, makeup brushes may not survive exposure to extreme weather or conditions. Before shipping, makeup brush manufacturers should test the makeup brushes in all possible environments. Rather than waiting for different temperatures or humidity levels, we use a temperature humidity chamber simulates those effects.

Put the makeup brushes into the temperature and humidity chamber which is a test chamber that simulates long-term exposure to specific environments for brush handle and glue testing, and select the desired temperature and conditions from a digital display. Air that is hot or cold(-70℃~+150℃), humid or dry (20~98%R.H.) is then introduced into the chamber to meet those conditions. The chamber can quickly and accurately check makeup brush performance under different temperature and humidity, and determine how makeup brushes will hold up to years of exposure.

To OEM makeup brushes and custom makeup brushes, it is better to work with professional makeup brush manufacturers with standard production and QC process, which will greatly support your brand development and business increase.