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Makeup brushes from Hong Kong China

Published Time:Wednesday on Dec 15 2021 11:04:12 Source:未知 Read:

Hong Kong, as an international financial, shipping and trade center,takes an important role in worldwide makeup brush business.

90% worldwide makeup brushes are from makeup brush manufacturers in China mainland, Hong Kong is the most important transit port from china mainland to overseas.

At the same time, the mainland is Hong Kong's largest trading partner. Few Hong Kong companies will produce makeup brushes by themselves due to the high rents. They usually custom makeup brushes and OEM makeup brushes from the mainland factories.

As a professional makeup brush manufacturer, we often get inquiries from Hong Kong companies who may be an agent of cosmetic brands or professional trading companies of makeup brushes. They order makeup brushes for cosmetic brands, and  then ship to overseas. If the Hong Kong company belong to this cosmetic brand, some makeup brushes may be left for Hong Kong market.

Some Hong Kong companies also OEM makeup brushes for their own brands. Comparing with oversea companies, they have built-in advantages to custom makeup brushes from China mainland. Firstly, they will pay lower shipping charge.The makeup brush production center is in Guangdong China, which is so close to Hong Kong. Makeup brushes can be shipped by trucks or some cheap express. It greatly reduces the shipping cost. Secondly, most Hong Kong companies are very familiar to the mainland market, which gives them more space during price negation, they can even drive to the makeup brush factory to bargain the price, so they often can get a lower EXW price on makeup brushes.

Therefore, consumers sometimes can buy cheaper brand makeup brushes from Hong Kong, and doubt if the brushes are authentic and original. As long as you buy from official shops or stores, it should be no problem.

Also, since Hong Kong is  a Free trade port, there is no duty for all commodity, so the selling price in Hong Kong is cheaper than many countries, including china mainland.