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Eviosys, Grown.Bio and Verescence create a 100% recyclable beauty gift pack

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The trio of packaging manufacturer has joined forces to create environmentally-friendly cosmetic packaging that is 100% recyclable.
Eviosys, Grown.Bio and Verescence have harnessed their capabilities to develop an innovative set of products with the aim to set the tone for the future of cosmetic packaging and to better meet the expectations of consumers who are increasingly looking for products with the planet in mind.

The limited-edition gift set includes 100% recyclable and refillable glass bottles, a carbon negative 100% home-compostable insert made from mushroom material, and a reusable 100% infinitely recyclable metal tin.

Recycled metal
All three partners are committed to five key goals: refuse options that not environmentally-friendly, rethink the gift set concept, reduce the packaging weight, reuse, and recycle materials.

Supplying the outer metal tin, leading metal manufacturer, Eviosys, has adapted their original product to work well with the mushroom insert and Verescence’s glass products. The metal tins made of recycled metal can be kept and reused for decades to serve another purpose at home, ensuring the circularity of the limited-edition set. After a long and purposeful life, 100% of the tin can be recycled to form new metal without any loss of property ever.

“We are always looking for sustainable alternatives to secure products within our metal tins, and Verescence and Grown.Bio were obvious partners for this venture. We’re excited to be collaborating with them both on this gift set, combining the expertise of industry leaders and pioneers in sustainability to adapt traditional cosmetic products to be more eco-friendly,” said Laetitia Durafour, Marketing Director of the Swiss-based group.

Home compostable inserts
The 100% home-compostable insert is manufactured by Grown.Bio from a carbon negative material derived from mycelium (the root structure of mushrooms) and agricultural by-products. At the end of life, it can be crumbled, mixed with soil to be used as fertilizer. They can also be biodegraded on a home compost or flower bed.

Refillable and recyclable bottles
Finally, the bottles supplied by Verescence are part of the French glassmaker’s new range of high perfumery CARA. Thanks to their new standard screw neck (GPI 15 400), they can be refilled at home or in-store.

Furthermore, since September, all standards from Verescence have been produced with 20% PCR glass.

“Since glass is infinitely recyclable, we wanted to create an eco-responsible gift set for the promotion of our new standard range CARA in line with the expectations of luxury brands. This collaboration with Eviosys and Grown.Bio allowed us to promote the most sustainable packaging options for our customers, as each component of the gift set is either recyclable, reusable or compostable. We also believe it can be a source of inspiration for brands in their quest for progress in sustainability,” concluded Bérangère Raguenet, Marketing Director at Verescence.