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Where to buy good but inexpensive makeup brushes?

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We know that usually we get what we pay for, for makeup brushes, we do want Hakuhodo /Chikuhodo makeup brush lines, but they are too expensive for most of us. But we do not want bad quality makeup brushes either. Using bad makeup brushes will be a disaster: the brush hairs are scratchy, makeup process becomes a torture to us; the brush cannot blend or pickup powders well, the final makeup is far away from expected; some hairs left on our face; or after several washing, the brush hairs deform, the hairs fall off, or even the brush head fall off from the handle.....

So we strongly in need of good but inexpensive makeup brushes!

You may think of directly buying from the makeup brush factory who produces makeup brushes for the big brands. It is true that factory direct price will be the lowest, but most makeup brush manufacturers specialize in custom makeup brushes and OEM makeup brushes for brands, so they have MOQ requirements which is at least 500-1000pcs for each brush. It is not proper for individual users.

If you are a beginner or a middle, and do not care brands, online shopping sites will be a good choice.There are so many cheap but good quality makeup brushes, you can choose a proper set base in your budget , for example, a 10 brushes set with 5 face brushes and 5 eye brushes may only cost around 10$ and you can chose between various colors. You can get to try different brushes at a lesser cost and then buy the brush you like in high end. This way it gives you experience of using makeup brushes and getting you to see which type of brush works best for you. Just please firstly check the actual reviews before paying. The most famous shopping sites are :In USA and Europe, eBay and Amazon; in China, Taobao and JD; in india,Nykaa ...

If you have had enough experience on makeup, and want makeup brushes with famous brands, you can consider following affordable brands that have great quality brushes:

EcoTools: Eco Tools brushes are incredibly soft, and good quality.Cruelty free, synthetic and pretty good quality for the price. You can also find travel friendly sizes.

Real Techniques: Synthetic, cruelty free brushes. Extremely affordable, specially if you buy them in sets.

ELF: ELF makeup brushes are surprisingly good,and blend product nicely, and last long period.

Morphe: Morphe Brushes are very affordable (for example many of their eyeshadow brushes are only like $2 and rarely more than $4 or $5) and they are really good quality. They also have a huge variety.