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Gotha Cosmetics bets on the return of the sense of joy

Published Time:Wednesday on Jun 01 2022 08:20:10 Source:未知 Read:

At Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, which made its in-person return at the end of April, Gotha Cosmetics presented a new wave of innovation, dubbed “Seeking Joy,” that mixed make-up and skincare.

“Consumers are looking for fun and playfulness in all areas of life: emotional plurality is a defining feature of 2020’s,” said Lisa Galbussera, Global Product Development Specialist at Gotha.

Indeed, after two years of pandemic and global uncertainties, people are eager to live and be in the moment. And, according to the Italian cosmetics manufacturer, Joy is strongly linked to beauty.

“We are building a new narrative through the Seeking Joy Collection. We believe in the power of beauty to drive emotions, and we set up a pipeline of new products that fulfil consumers need. We have streamlined our innovation into three different trends and consumers’ behaviours: Holistic Wellbeing, Scientific Minimalism, and Identity Empowerments,“ added Gotha’s CEO, Paolo Valsecchi.

The Holistic Wellbeing selection of products features solutions dedicated to consumers that are looking for wellness as “a state of the body, the mind and the soul.” The selection includes:

- A hybrid lightweight, hydrating and natural Glow Priming Serum that creates a visibly translucent glow that contributes to the healthy youthful appearance of the skin. It is formulated with hyaluronic acid and squalene to deliver and lock in moisture, and with spirulina with strong antioxidant and detoxifying properties and skin brightening skin effect. The formula is enriched with optical correction agents that give velvety touch and perfected ”photo-shopped” complexion.

- A moisturizing creamy Skin Coach Foundation with medium coverage and natural radiant finish. It performs like luxurious skincare cream combined with veil of colour to cover dyschromia and imperfections while smoothing fine lines.

The Scientific Minimalism trend addresses skin savvy consumers that want performance and proven efficacy mixing beauty and technology. In order to meet this trend, Gotha presented:

- Chrono Flawless Foundation, a new long-lasting foundation that works on skin regeneration through the circadian cycle.
- Velour Ink Powder Blush, a water resistant and talc free blush offering a plastic texture and gummy–soft touch.

Eventually, the Identity Empowerment collection features colour boosted functional products that addresses gen-Z consumers.

The Balmy Thermo Foundation, for instance, is a solid coloured balm with medium buildable coverage and satiny velvet effect. It gives a smooth and healthy look to the skin that remains hydrated and soft due to the presence of powerful soothing agents.

Gotha Cosmetics with exhibit their latest innovations at MakeUp in Paris on June 16th-17th, 2022.