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Mono Skincare puts luxury skincare in tablets and offers own technology

Published Time:Wednesday on May 25 2022 09:13:23 Source:未知 Read:

We had already seen brands develop detergents or hygiene products in the form of tablets to be diluted. Mono Skincare is now applying this approach to the skincare category. With this new concept and its range, the young brand launched in January 2022 by Laurie Mias promotes reduced packaging production and patented, concentrated natural formulas.

Powders are gaining ground on the segment of anhydrous solutions that help get rid of single-use packaging. Laurie Mias, the founder of the Mono Skincare brand, preferred an even more compact version unique on the skincare market.

Natural formulas and refillable packs
“I wanted a convenient solution. Powder can absorb moisture, and it is always hard to get the right quantity of product, so I started from the idea of pills, which did not exist in the cosmetics industry,” she explains.

It took her two years to develop this project focused on an actually unexplored galenic form with a laboratory located in Belgium. Now, the patents she registered make it possible to share her private brand solution with other market players. “It is a revolution in skincare. No one has done that before, even on the global level. I hope others will follow us,” says the founder.

The Mono Skincare range is composed of 14 references – makeup remover, face cleanser, toner, day cream, serum, deodorant, body mist – with 100% natural formulas and renewable, traceable ingredients sourced in Europe. They are suitable for pregnant women, children, and hypersensitive skins. One tablet can produce 50 ml of solution. Once water has been added, the product is reconstituted in 30 minutes and can be used for six months. Undiluted, a tablet can be stored for 12 months (tests are being carried out to validate the 24-month storage).

“We have designed each product with a very specific promise, focusing on efficacy: results are visible after four days, by acting on the microbiome, integrating prebiotics to nourish the flora. And we took great care to use at least the minimum concentration levels required for ingredients to really have an effect,” explains Laurie Mias.

Packaging is made of recyclable and/or recycled materials: glass, wood, aluminium. All bottles can be refilled over and over.

A first successful launch
On the e-shop launched last January in French, the brand mainly received encouraging feedback on this new form of beauty. “More than 40% of our customers have already recommended their tablets. The comments are extremely positive,” says the founder. “We wanted to create a very inclusive range; there are many men among our customers, as well as people of all ages. The younger ones like the innovation, while the sophisticated, efficient assets, in particular anti-ageing formulas, help us reach customers aged 50+. As for the price, our products are affordable, about EUR 30, so we offer a high quantity/quality ratio. Then, customers only need to buy the refill,” she adds.

The brand had already confirmed its presence at Sephora Hong Kong and Singapore within the next six months, and it should sign with several major companies in the US, the UK, Australia, and of course, France.