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Albéa and Erpro designs unique mascara brushes within one week

Published Time:Wednesday on Jan 05 2022 10:46:19 Source:未知 Read:

To accelerate the speed to market for innovative make-up products, Albéa is launching "Make 3D yours", 3D custom development development service, in collaboration with its partner Erpro 3D Factory, a leading in 3D printing company.

The new service allows brands to design their very own mascara brushes within one week and have them ready for industrialization within four weeks.

Development package

This development package is available for a symbolic fee and aims to grow awareness of 3D technology by showcasing its many benefits,” explains Albéa in a statement.

Throughout the design phase, brands can follow their project step by step with Erpro, in order to test and validate their samples on site.

With this technology we are able to create up to 10 different brush shapes in one week,” explains Laura Boroni, Market Manager Color Cosmetic Eyes at Albéa Bottanuco, the company’s global center of excellence for mascaras. “As we can print nearly everything, the design options are endless, making the mascara brush absolutely unique for the customer,” she adds.

Beyond mascara

Mascara brushes are only the beginning. Indeed, Albéa intend to extend their 3D design offer to other product categories in order to provide brands with very short design-to-production process “without compromising on sustainability”. The 3D offer already includes bio-based brushes and will offer additional sustainable options in the future.