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Makeup Brush Tensile Test

Published Time:Tuesday on Jan 04 2022 13:13:44 Source:未知 Read:

From the makeup brush production process, we know that makeup Brush bristles are clamped and glued into a ferrule,and the ferrule is connected to the handle by glues.

To ensure the durability of  makeup brushes, makeup brush manufacturers must ensure the connection and firmness of bristles, ferrules and handles. Testing the mechanical strength of this connection is vital, it can make sure that the bristles can withstand extensive use over time without falling out or deformation, and that connection between ferrule and handle is strong enough for daily use without falling apart.

Tensile test is the most common way to  check the mechanical strength of  makeup brushes.The tested makeup brush is held between 2 tensile grips and load is applied at a constant rate by a tensile tester fitted with a loadcell.It is pulling the makeup brushes in a straight line to measure the performance of the makeup brush. The pull force between bristle and ferrule should be no less than 2.5 lbs, and the  pull force between ferrule and handle should be no less than 3.0 lbs.

During custom makeup brushes and OEM makeup brushes, tensile testing is an important part of the makeup brush design for ensuring brush performance, as well as being an essential part of quality control testing for consistency in makeup brush production.

Tensile test can help the makeup brush manufacturers to pick out defective brushes that fall apart easily,and optimize the glue for a more durable makeup brush. Makeup brush factory with standard production and QC process will do the tensile test before shipping , which will greatly support customers’ brand development and business increase.