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Vibration Tests On Makeup Brush Packaging

Published Time:Tuesday on Dec 28 2021 09:12:20 Source:未知 Read:

Vibrations will always occur during transportation. They can occur due to the surroundings (equipment on board of a plane, ship, or train, by wind or alike) or by the device itself, such as the vibration of engines. The actual level of vibration may be low at times, but because of oscillations as a result of resonance inside the device, the level of vibration may increase significantly. The oscillation may increase to 10-20 times the original level of vibration.

Any makeup brush manufacturer who export makeup brushes to oversea customers should consider package vibration tests. The makeup brushes and packaging go through simulated vibration tests to confirm the durability and firmness of both makeup brushes and packaging. Testing before shipping could save a lot of money on recalls if the packaging is later found to be defective.

Package testing and transport simulation testing are designed to simulate the types of vibrations that packages suffer from when they are boxed at the makeup brush factory until they reach the customer during handling, transportation, and shipping on a train, plane, or truck. If vibrations are too severe they could cause packages to become damaged by losing their integrity. Therefore,the vibration tests can be used to  discover if the makeup brush packaging is going to keep makeup brushes safe when being jostled around in, say, a truck, or whether they are going to come apart at the seams, and then determine the protective ability of the package when faced with the vibrations that take place during the distribution cycle.The primary purpose is to ensure that the makeup brush packaging will sufficiently protect the  makeup brushes and that the packaging itself can withstand the stress of transportation.

If you plan to custom makeup brushes from overseas makeup brush manufacturers, ensure the manufacturers will go through the vibration tests on makeup brushes and outer cartons. If the outer cartons are not strong enough and come apart during transportation, it will not only cause damage and deformation on makeup brushes, the makeup brushes may also drop from the cartons during shipment and cause the shortage of makeup brushes. Also, it will waste time and energy to handle the defective makeup brushes, no matter send back to the makeup brush manufacturers to rework or replace new makeup brushes.

To OEM makeup brushes and custom makeup brushes, it is better to work with professional makeup brush manufacturers with standard production and QC process, which will greatly support your brand development and business increase.