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OEM Makeup Brushes From Makeup Brush Manufacturer

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OEM makeup brushes refers to a modern manufacturing method in which Customers provide makeup brush design and molds (for plastic handles), makeup brush Manufacturers supply manpower and space to produce the makeup brushes with Customers’ brands, and Customers finally sell the makeup brushes to consumers.

Makeup brush OEM manufactures have abundant and cheap labor force to manufacture and assemble makeup brushes for the international market. Many international cosmetics giants do not produce makeup brushes by themselves, but OEM makeup brushes from professional makeup brush manufacturers in China, Japan and Korea.

Most Chinese makeup brush manufacturers offer "OEM service"which refers to the ability and willingness to manufacture makeup brushes according to customers’ design.

Kingyin, as a professional Chinese makeup brush manufacturer, have been OEM makeup brushes for worldwide customers for more than 15 years. Here we list the The Pros and Cons of OEM makeup brushes for your reference:

The Pros:

1.Customers can freely design makeup brushes (as long as it is technically feasible).Brush handle, ferrule, hair, packaging, printing can all be designed to attract customers and fit brand positioning, which can greatly increase brand influence.

2.You own the Intellectual Property of the makeup brushes (as long as you protect it), no other brands can copy this makeup brush design, you have a monopoly on this makeup brush style, and then have the pricing power, which will increase the sales volume and margins on the makeup brushes.

The Cons:

1.You may need several months to do the makeup brush design, even if makeup brush structure is simple, to launch a popular makeup brushes, the designers have to do a lot of work to review and research on the makeup brush design

2.You may need to afford the molding cost for plastic handles, and the MOQ will be higher with plastic handles.

For a starter of makeup brush business with limited funds and design capacity, OEM makeup brushes may be not a good choice, the existing makeup brush styles from makeup brush manufacturers or the market can be the alternatives.

For cosmetics giants, the Cons can be ignored, as they have professional project team to design and promote the makeup brushes. They have millions order quantity, so the One-time molding cost is negligible after sharing to each brush.

Welcome to OEM makeup brushes from us. We will offer high quality makeup brushes, professional service and affordable price to support your brand development.