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Do yearly summary during Christmas holiday

Published Time:Tuesday on Dec 21 2021 09:30:52 Source:未知 Read:

Now, most western customers are enjoying their Christmas holiday, but Chinese makeup brush manufacturers are still working even if there is few inquiry or email. Some internationals sales do not know what to do during such period.

The salesmen can do the yearly summary during the Christmas holiday. Before, we are too busy to evaluate all previous enquiries. Due to time limit, we pay more attention on the most potential customers, and just roughly reply or feedback the general inquiries. Most of us believe that even if we reply these general inquiries which are group sent to all Chinese makeup brush manufacturers or suppliers,it is impossible to win orders from them.

It is OK to use such strategy if we are too busy, but since we are so free now , why not try to reply these emails? Maybe you can get surprise from them. Some may ask: the customers are enjoying their holiday, will they check the emails? Well, email is not telephone, customers can open their emails once they are free, our emails will not be missed during the holiday. After the holiday, customers will see our emails. Emails will not cause any disturbance to their holiday time. Although it totally depends on customers’ decision, we should try our best to get the chance to make further progress.

Besides, we can make a excel table to include all inquiries in this year, no matter confirmed customers, potential customers or impossible customers. As long as we once get inquiries from them, we should input their information into a table to check the related data, such as the order rate, profit rate, advertisement effect etc. Such data will greatly help our plan in next year.

As a makeup brush marketing staff, we should not waste any time, use any chance to improve our sales volume and customers’ satisfaction; it is a good talent to strengthen ourselves through periodical summary especially at the end of the year.

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