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Sell Makeup brushes on Amazon

Published Time:Tuesday on Dec 07 2021 10:56:26 Source:未知 Read:

For individual consumers, online shopping is a very good choice, you can get many big sales promotion from various brands. For American and Europe consumers, Amazon is the best choice to buy proper makeup brushes with good quality and low price.

Not like eBay, all makeup brushes sold on Amazon are brand new, and the quality should not be too bad, as Amazon has high requirements on sellers, and with strict review system, low score sellers cannot survive under Amazon system.

To compete with famous brands like EcoTools,Real Techniques etc, other sellers have to offer their best price. Some makeup brushes are sold at a loss to catch consumers’ eyes and get more page views. For example, a 10pcs hot sale kabuki makeup brush set with pouch only sells USD8.0 which includes shipping charge and Amazon cost. But the EXW price may reach USD6.0, that means each sell will cause around USD2.0 loss. It is the reason why many makeup brush suppliers stop after some period.

If you have no substantial funds support and  want to sell makeup brushes on Amazon, me-too products with lower price than other sellers will not be a good choice. As loss leader strategy requires a lot of funds, which is not affordable for small brands or  sellers.

To sell makeup brushes on Amazon with good profits, you should have design highlights. Attractive handle design will be a good choice, a good successful case is mermaid series, but such attractive handles are usually plastic handles, which requires high MOQ, at least 5000pcs of each size, and with high molding cost. For the sellers who are new to this market, it is a great funds and marketing pressure. So it will be better to have highlights on brush hair shape and effect. A makeup brush or set which can create more precise or perfect makeup will become popular and hot sooner or later. For example, the foundation brush can apply foundation more quickly and more flawless, an eye liner brush is easier for beginners to draw charming liners; an eye brow brush can create more precise eye brow.

After finalizing your brush design, custom makeup brushes and OEM makeup brushes with private label directly from makeup brush manufacturers is the best choice. You can have professional suggestions from them, get factory direct price, then have margins as much as possible.

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