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BH makeup brushes VS Morphe makeup brushes

Published Time:Monday on Dec 06 2021 12:13:36 Source:未知 Read:

Most users have realized that to reach best makeup result,makeup brushes are much better than fingers, and there are so many makeup brushes on market, it is totally no problem to buy proper makeup brushes with different quality and price.

Most consumers prefer good quality and affordable makeup brushes, we have suggested some brands for reference, such as EcoTools,Real Techniques, ELF, Morphe, BH cosmetics etc.

None above cosmetic brands produce makeup brushes by themselves, but OEM makeup brushes from professional makeup brush manufacturers, some brands may even have the same OEM factory, so the basic quality should be no big difference, the differences are on the brush design details and quality requirements.
Each popular brand has its design highlights which usually becomes hot sales. Here we would like to compare BH makeup brushes with  Morphe makeup brushes, which are among the most popular brands on current market:

Over all both of BH and Morphe brushes have the same functions but in some review people more prefer to BH Cosmetics.They are OBSESSED with BH brushes, as BH brushes are better quality than Morphe brushes and can last longer, and much cheaper too (especially if you get the sets) .If you are a professional makeup artists, BH Cosmetics is better, but if you are the beginner you can go with Morphe Brushes.

Both BH Cosmetics and Morphe Brushes have many types of single brushes and brush sets. Most brushes have the same functions for makeup even though the functions for bronzering, shimmering, or contouring. But BH Cosmetics has some brush sets for one functions series, they has brushes for special shimmering, bronzering, and contouring with the different series. But we cannot find the special brushes in Morphe Brushes, all is same functions.

BH cosmetics claims they will offer good quality and cheap makeup brushes, their normal brushes are amazing quality and super cheap. Their website has sales and daily deals a lot. If you can get a brush set on those deal prices, you're gonna get an insane price.