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TTC a new powder player in the Cosmetic Valley

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TTC is part of HCT by kdc/one, a global leader in formulation and packaging innovation, offering end-to-end full turnkey solutions increasing speed-to-market. An integrated team of renowned experts in packaging, formulation, brushes, accessories, and devices are available to guide customers through the entire design and development process from concept to final product.
Since 2008, TTC (Tutti Trucchi Cosmetici) has focused on handling fabrication and assembly of beauty products for brands around the world. TTC seized the opportunity to push its limits and grow into a truly innovative hub of services by providing packaging, filling & assembly, as well as formulation and production of new products. TTC is located in the “Cosmetic Valley” in Italy, and the geographic position of the company has been strategically important in building new business.

2,200 newly created formula codes
In 2020 TTC added an internal branch that is fully dedicated to powders. Along with a brand-new state-of-the-art R&D lab, new product development, sales, and marketing teams are all focused on the mission of formulating, creating, and producing beautiful makeup powders. TTC is bringing fresh innovative concepts to the industry. The mission of the group is to invest energy and time to create a portfolio of products that showcase quality and innovation. This focus has led to a library of over 2,200 newly created formula codes in just the last two years. The R&D team is fully dedicated to innovation, working every day to find ways to upgrade traditional powder categories for eyes, face, and body. The products coming out of this innovation hub are changing the rules of beauty.

TTC’s new lab opened just before the outbreak of the pandemic (Jan. 2020) which necessitated an intense focus on innovation during a period when the market demand was low. This ultimately provided the opportunity to experiment with new technologies and new raw materials.

“We are hyper focused on powders that provide a truly new skin experience from the first touch,” said Milena Casiraghi, Managing Director of TTC, “innovation means being unique in the market.”

Playing with new raw materials is resulting in innovative products never seen before on the market. Casiraghi says, “we are really reinventing the pressed powders category thanks to the expertise of our R&D and marketing team - they have a very specific vision in terms of make-up, and they are trying to combine the best of traditional expertise with new raw materials and active ingredients to create innovative products for tomorrow.”

TTC’s new machines are creating the best products. Their R&D team and industrialization experts are already involved in this new endeavor, and they are expanding their team this summer. The possibilities for innovation stem from both a visual perspective (multicolor pressed products), as well as from a sensorial/application perspective - new textures created with injection technology release a weightless, very shiny, and pearly effect that can’t be obtained with standard powders.

TTC is growing! They have new colleagues on board in their Sales, NPD, R&D, and Regulatory departments; new people, new ideas, and new opportunities are the driving force behind their new endeavor where they are encouraging clients to visit them directly to explore new innovations and trends.

The TTC showroom is becoming a real treasure that showcases their products and collections as well as demonstrates what the entire kdc/one network is able to offer. This showroom will be the largest stock packaging showroom in Europe. Customers can develop formulas in addition to brainstorming and shopping for packaging options at the same site.