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KL008 Mini Retractable Lipstick Brush

This is really an amazing retractable brush. Best way to protect the brush head, long service life. Can avoid sticky dust or other dirt.
It’s a perfect size and shape for easy storage in your make up bag,pocket,wallet or purse and easy to use. 
This chic brush is equipped with a small, tapered point that allows you to easily swipe color and gloss " inside the lines." A sleek brush designed to apply lip color and gloss.
Exquisite production process, high quality and durable.Made from Synthetic bristles,but soft and natural. The brush also is a good combination of firm yet pliable. Lipstick goes on easy and smooth.
NOTE: The lip brush used for the first time,the brush head is stiff,not be used directly.Please dip the brush head into the clear water,and the brush head will become soft and natural.

►Custom and private label is welcome.
►MOQ: 5000pcs
Welcome to custom makeup brush OEM with private label from us, as a professional makeup brush factory, we will offer high quality, professional service and affordable price to support your brand development.


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