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How to choose your brush color
Published:2016-2-16  Source:The Company Read:4945

During customize makeup brushes, color is always one of the most important topic between customer and makeup brush factory.As color can show particularity and can directly catch our eyes.

As professional makeup brush manufacturer in china, we can produce makeup brushes with different colors on bristle, ferrule, handle and logo. But customers may wonder which colors they can choose from. We know words or description can not show exact color, so we need a common standard to help us to reach agreement on colors.  In makeup brush industry, we usually use pantone PMS color code; customers can click https://www.cal-print.com/InkColorChart.htm to check all available colors for makeup brush bristle, ferrule, handle and logo. Then just tell the makeup brush manufacturer the code you need, it greatly avoid the misunderstanding between us.

All rights reserved by Kingyin makeup brushes Co., Ltd

All rights reserved by Kingyin Makeup Brushes Co., Ltd

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