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The construction of
makeup brushes is normally divided into three parts: the bristle, the ferrule (metal part) and the handle.

 Hair Material

There are many hair types used in manufacturing makeup brushes. The hair can be natural or synthetic. Natural hair is usually made from Goat hair, Squirrel hair, Pony hair, sable hair etc.  Synthetic hair can be nylon ,Taklon or Sigmax hair. To choose proper hair material for your own makeup brushes, please check detailed description on hair types.

Ferrule Material
The ferrule material can be aluminum, copper

Aluminum ferrule: surface can be anodized to a variety of colors such as silver, black, red, blue, green,  etc;

Copper ferrule usually can be plated into limited colors,and the cost is high.


Aluminum ferrule VS copper ferrule:
The cost of copper ferrule is 4-5 times of aluminum ferrule. The hardness is 10 times of aluminum ferrule
Copper ferrule is thicker/brighter/durable than aluminum ferrule.

Handle material:

The handle material can be wooden, bamboo, plastic, and acrylic.

Plastic and acrylic handles need molds, so it is not proper for small quantity, as the molding cost is high, and needs to spare the cost to each brush, if the order quantity is not big enough, it is not cost-effective.

Acrylic handles is expensive than plastic handles due to the higher cost and difficult technology.

The advantage of plastic handle is: it can have various shapes/designs

Wooden handle: the most common wooden handle is birch, the MAC and Sigma brushes are all with birch handles. Some customers will use ebony, but it is too expensive, few users can afford such brushes.

Bamboo handle: also very common and cost-effective, the most famous brands are BB and EDM.

Metal handle: normally can be aluminum handle and copper handles; both can be freely printed logo

Being a makeup brush supplier since 2000, we can supply makeup brushes with different mateirial per customer requirement. Please describe your material requirements in detail and custom makeup brushes from Chinese Makeup Brush Manufacturer at factory price.

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All rights reserved by Toney Makeup Brushes Co., Ltd

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